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Collaborating at Work



  • Participate in the design of the Desktop / Mobile interface of our products, ensuring that the quality of the project is top-notch.

  • Use good product awareness, design principles and design process to ensure design consistency and implementation for our product's look and feel.

  • Provide creative design solutions to achieve goals across various disciplines including - marketing, website design, app design, UIX etc.

  • Fully understand the needs of products and business parties, and have clear design ideas.

  • Pay attention to cutting-edge trends, master various visual design rules, output UI interface/visual solutions with high efficiency and high quality, and put forward feasible suggestions from the perspective of visual presentation and user experience.


  • You have Bachelor's degree or above in the following disciplines: Visual Communication, Art Design, Fine Arts, New Media and other related fields.

  • Curiously passionate about Blockchain, Cryptography and related technologies.

  • Possess personal ownership, continuous learning, proactive attitude, teamwork and a strong drive to succeed.

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