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Collaborating at Work



  • Find and go through emerging trends in the crypto industry and blockchain space and identify non-obvious opportunities.

  • Conduct technical research and analysis of other protocols, especially regarding token economies, and identify applications.

  • Work with teams across the wider to aid in developing the best experience for our community and customers.

  • Help onboard developers, create technical documentation, write technical blogs and make educational resources and research to assist in the growth of the developer community.


  • Demonstrated interest in blockchain technology, Web3, and DeFi. Experience working in the blockchain space is preferred, but excitement about crypto is a must! You should have experience interacting with crypto protocols whether that is through yield farming, using a DEX, minting NFTs, or doing your own research.

  • You have a sharp analytical mind with an instinct to identify market trends and analyze competitors.

  • You have the technical understanding to analyze protocols and run simulations of token economies.

  • You have the ability to simply explain technical concepts to a wider, non-technical audience.

  • You have attention to detail, a commitment to excellence, and genuine intellectual curiosity.

  • You thrive on autonomy, responsibility, and having ownership over your work.

  • You have at least 1+ years of relevant research & work experience in academic and/or industry settings. This would preferably be as a Research Analyst or Associate in either crypto or TradFi with previous exposure to financial statement modeling and analysis.

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