CryptoBooster X MoonLift AMA Recap on August 4th

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Twitter retweet

Car Marz | CryptoBooster:

Hope our guest is here.. please confirm when you arrive @NoLabels


I’m here.Thank you for having me!

Car Marz | CryptoBooster:

Thanks a lot.

So now we are ready to start with another one of our massive AMAs.

Thank you for being here with us today @NoLabels a pleasure to have you here in our community.As usual we will have all the great things we all love.

A pleasure to have you here @NoLabels . Now there’s a lot of people with questions about MoonLift, Can you please introduce yourself and give us an introduction about MoonLift?


Looking forward to answer people’s curiosity.Tullio is my name, my role within MoonLift is that of communications manager.About MoonLift. We’re a community-driven passive income generating protocol on the binance smart chain.We’re currently in the process of releasing new features that will establish our presence also in the NFT and gaming spheres

Car Marz | CryptoBooster:

Thanks a lot coincise and precise.. but it told everything we need to know 🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽

Let’s advance to our twitter questions part.. We will have 5 questions from our members, which will give u the chance to learn everything about your project 🔥🔥

Q1. I’m interested in mltpx’s token economy model.Can you tell me about your token economy model?How does mltpx play a role in your project ecology? @zhang01644224


As I mentioned, Moonlift protocol was born as a passive income generating protocol. At the beginning, it used to ensure passive rewards by means of a buy/sell taxation on our original token MLTP, but as of the switch to MLTPx we have absorbed that utility in our recently released DEX.

We plan to incrementally roll out more and more features, so MLTPx will be the fuel for a pretty diversified ecosystem.

For example, Supernova will allow users to single-stake their MLTPx and obtain rewards in the form of our partner projects’ tokens.

Play and Earn, on the other hand, will be our own gaming platform and, needless to say, our token will be crucial. We have a lot in the works.

But right now, users can already access the swap function and farm by providing their liquidity, therefore obtaining hefty APRs thanks to their MLTPx.

Car Marz | CryptoBooster:

Thanks a lot a lot of utility for this token and an amazing ecosystem in MoonLift 💪🏽 Impressive.

Q2. So far, what achievements have MoonLift achieved? What height do I hope to reach in the future? @Ulrica54492291

2nd part is of course: What height do you hope to reach in the future?


I think releasing our DEX within approximately 2 months since the release of our token is definitely an accomplishment we can be happy about. Especially when considering we had to suddenly manage a transition from the old MLTP to MLTPx.

In a sense, we can also be proud to have navigated that situation quite smoothly both on the developing-team level as well as community level. What was born as a stress test to our contracts became one for the whole project!

Additionally, the partnership with Polygon was definitely an important milestone. Since we plan to build important cross-chain functionalities, having the support of such a big project was great for us and opens up many future possibilities for development.

So about future heights… I think our name has a lot of inherent ambitions. But memetics aside, as I mentioned, we definitely aim to continue creating value in respects to our gaming, DeFi, and NFT activities and establish our presence further and continue expanding our network.

Car Marz | CryptoBooster:

Thanks a lot, you tackled this question greatly.. always challenging to look at the achievemnt and the way ahead.

Q3. The current NFT market is developing rapidly. After the launch of the dex, has Moonlift considered issuing its own NFT and participating in the development of the NFT track? @kangkan61270989


The NFT market is indeed exploding.

Right now we are building a strategic card game with proprietary design and story line that will be part of our Play and Earn platform.

Part of the 600 card-deck will be minted as NFTs, from standard to super-rare levels with actual usage in-game.

On top of this, booster packs will be available on our NFT marketplace and certain difficult-to-obtain, in-game achievements will be tied to NFT rewards… so all in all I guess we have done more than just consider it!

Car Marz | CryptoBooster:

Thank you, very interesting stuff.. Now we have learnt about your plan in the NFT side. 💪🏽💪🏽

Q4. Does moonlift dex have any mechanism to improve $MLTP price? @caseykeke


MLTP will not be used any longer (just to clear that out), but of course assuming your question is about MLTPx, the DEX in and of itself will increase the amount of use cases and sheer value that are offered to users, which should drive adoption, coupled with the retention that should come from the passive rewards.

I feel like the usual, almost meme-like disclaimer needs to be made that obviously this is not financial advice and you should always make your own research!

Price is always in the hands of buyers and sellers.

Concerning our tokenomics however, the deflationary aspect is enacted by our burns. We actually just tweeted that we will start burning all the collected #MLTPX fees on a weekly base, check it out here and follow us if you don’t already!

Car Marz | CryptoBooster:

Thanks a lot. Also for clearing out the issue about the actual token $MLTPx.

Q5.To develop the ecosystem, stabilize prices, expand the market is a challenge to every project. So what are your team’s first steps towards solving this problem? What is your plan to maintain token price & supply in the market? @augursein


“This problem”… more like the collection of issues you mention!

As you say, these aspects are inherent to the uncertainty that affects every ambitious project.

As I was mentioning before, our burns will ensure a deflationary aspect and, concerning supply, no more MLTPx can be minted.

We will continue to build and see the ecosystem grow. We have been focusing a lot on collaborative work.

In the future, multi-chain functionalities are going to be a core element of our offerings. As we keep expanding together with the market, increased adoption should follow.

On top of that, we are soon past the final vesting release. Many reasons to be optimistic about the future outlook.

Car Marz | CryptoBooster:

Let’s move to part 2.

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from telegram username@trumdade

A lot of people will want to know what the strength of MoonLift is but I want to know the weaknesses and problems faces? How do you plan to solve it?


I think the biggest problem Moonlift faces is the sheer amount of complexity that comes with establishing a working ecosystem and blockchain economy. There are so many agents that need to be coordinated, so many different parts that have to work together as a coherent system.

As we face this, I think that we could definitely strengthen our ability to communicate within and without our community / team / ecosystem. I can tell you that I personally often feel like there’s so many things taking place all the time that it becomes difficult to inform everyone of every change.

And about how we plan to tackle this… I think that it’s very important that as a team we learn to exchange information more and in a more effective way between each other. We only exist for a few months. Because it takes time to develop a well oiled mechanism, I am sure that we’re going to get better through time as we deal with the complexity as we go.

Q2 from telegram username@Mark Liu

COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?


I think COVID has exposed the flaws in many conventional / legacy economic systems around the world, yet through the midst of it we also saw new ATHs that no one had been able to foresee.

It is possible that people are catching up with the functionalities of such a revolutionary technology or that people are looking for alternatives driven by need.

Moonlift in and of itself was actually born not long ago, so you could argue it was born in a post-covid, smart-working kind of fashion.

We have been slowed down so far a couple of times, we had to postpone the release of our DEX once, but it was definitely not due to COVID.

Normal delays that occur in complex project management.

Q3 from telegram username@Himanshu Dubey

How to purchase your coins?Your biggest to motive to achieve through this project.What are your preparations to make your project secure from hacks and attacks?


Hey Himanshu Dubey, I will take an easier question now.

Here you will be able to swap some of your currencies for MLTPx. It’s our own DEX, it works in a very similar way as PancakeSwap.

About my biggest motive that I am trying to achieve for this project. I see a lot of potential in the decentralization of finance and I personally joined Moonlift because I thought there was no better way to learn about its functionalities than to really dig my teeth into some action.

In regards to security, we always get certified by really well-esteemed groups like Certik and Hacken.

Q4 from telegram username@Lenora

Can you describe about what are the use of your token in your platform?


Hello Lenora,

So far, you can use our token MLTPx to provide liquidity and to take part into yield farming. You can do this here and you will find different functionalities on the left.

As you’ll be able to see, there are many planned features that will be added soon.

One of these will be the Supernova. It is going to be a staking multipool, where thanks to your MLTPx possessions you are going to be rewarded with the tokens from other projects that we collaborate with.

As we roll out all the different features, more information will be provided about how to gain even further benefits thanks to your MLTPx holdings.

Q5 from telegram username@Mary Hodge

Do you have any YouTube channel or website for this project?From where we can learn something?


Hey Mary,

we have many different sources where you can learn something.

MoonLift Protocol Website:

MoonLift Protocol Twitter:

MoonLift Protocol Telegram:

MoonLift Protocol Instagram

I am sure that you will find all the relevant information here and, if not, someone from our community will most likely give you an answer!

Part 3 — Quiz Results

Q1. When was Moonlift Dex officially launched?(B)

A. July 30

B. July 31

C. August 1

D. August 2

Q2. In the currently online Dex, what functions do we provide?(B) A. Swap + LIQUIDITY

B. Swap + LIQUIDITY + Farms



Q3. What is the total supply of our new token $MLTPX?(D)

A. 57,500,000,000

B. 67,500,000,000



Q4. How many $MLTPX holders are there currently?(D)





Q5. In the future, what functions will be launched in Moonlift’s dex?(D)




D.Above all

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