CryptoBooster X ANOMUS AMA Recap on November 24th

Part 1—Introduction and Overview Question

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Good day everyone, we are here for another massive AMA in Multi-Chain..

Today we have the amazing project ANOMUS with us..

Are you ready..

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:

Hello everyone!!!

A pleasure to be here today!

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

An honour and a pleasure to have you here with us sir..

I would like to start by asking you to introduce yourself and your role in the ANOMUS project and of course give us an overview of the project 💥💥

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:


You can call me Mr. Anomus I am CEO of ANOMUS. I am working in IT sector for more than 10 years now. Started as the developer and while gathering my skills let say hopped up the ladder. Since 2017 I’m in the crypto space way before that been tracking blockchain technologies and what benefits they can bring to our society. And my main focus is to provide value to our society and fight fake-news.

ANOMUS is built to fight existing corruption and censorship in today’s world.

By the power of blockchain we are aiming to solve these issues.

ANOMUS will be a fully decentralized news protocol that will be available for everyone to use.

All information posted on ANOMUS will be stored in Perma-Web.

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Massive endeavour sir.. great to hear about you your commitment and of course how you plan to realize it thanks to ANOMUS... 🔥🌪🙌

Let's move on, of course ewe have gathered a few questions for your asked by the members on Twitter..

5 questions 10 USDT each for the selected ones..

Let's start with the first one.. are you ready 🌪🌪

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:


Always ready!

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Great so Number 1

1. What motivated you and your team to build the ANOMUS? Why is the project named ANOMUS? Please share a few interesting things about this meaning? @Claiiiree1

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:

Anomus is a platform that seeks to streamline verified content, news, and professional journalism by exposing fake content through community governance. We wanted to create an unbiased, non-racial, ideological or political platform. We need no harm of person or group of people. We wanted truth. We wanted the freedom of speech that is why we started our project.

We named the project as ANOMUS because we care about people anonymity. Privacy is very important and then you are publisher that publish certain information that can affect other you might want to be Anonymous. So that why we are ANOMUS.

Privacy is yours. It is your decision to go public or not.

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Thank you sir, great answer.. a very much needed project indeed..

Let's move to number 2..

2. @MrAnomus Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team? @Borisha13

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:

Tokenomics itself is quite straight forward.

We got 2 rounds. Private and Public - Private round vesting is 20% at TGE; 5% Monthly after 1st quarter.

Public is even more simple. 33% at TGE; and 33% monthly.

Public sale will be held on Starter and Synapse launchpads at November 26th.

Anomus’ private round will encompass 920,000,000 (ANOM) tokens; for more information on the Anomus token supply, please visit the Anomus Tokenomics !!!

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Massive info.. thank you for that 🔥🔥🔥

Now you know where to do if you want to be part of this project

Number 3...

3. Partners are very important for every project today, may I know which partners you have now? and which partners in the future you will be heading to ? @Maya44799048

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:

We have partnerships with ArGoApp & Arweave. Anomus is planning to utilize this partnership to improve and simplify protocol processing of verified articles. Verified articles posted on the Perma-Web will become permanent, quickly retrievable, and decentralized — forever. Also we are partners with Maven Capital, an incubator that supports blockchain projects in the early stages. This partnership will continue to reinforce the project’s development and its imminent launch.

Maven Capital - ArGoApp & Arweave

You can read more by following the link

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Massive partnerships.. nice to see you have this well covered guys 🙌🙌

Let's move to number 4 now..

4. Project progress and development is the first priority for any investors! Tell us about the latest great achievements ? @cryptojovy

now we want to know where you stand.. 🚀🚀

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:

At this stage we are in development and going though the process of IDO.

Achievment in my opinion would be gathering bright minded partners and team working on idea.

We already gathered quite few advisors and working on solution development.

Its quite good of achievement

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

We understand the launch is a major part of every project..

we wish you every success with that.. we will follow closely.. 🚀🚀🚀

Number 5...

5. Has any audit been done by your project? how secure is to use your platform tell us about adopted security measures?what steps will you take so that your security can last in the long term. @MinTru31477298

if you do not have a platform yet.. we still want to know what you plan to do to ensure security.. 🔥🔥

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:

Security has always been an integral part of blockchain technology. When done correctly, the advantage of a secure protocol significantly outperforms centralised custodial services whether financial custody or custody of ownership rights, given that the user properly stores and manages private keys.

We are working with money, we take it seriously. We do verification for every piece of code we release. We can do 2 steps of verification in our development team. And before release 2 partners of ours verify all the code. So basically though these steps we believe we are safe. Once DAO is released every member will be able to participate in that via our Open-source solutions.

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Great sir.. this is exactly what we wanted to hear from you 🙌🙌

Now this closes this section..

but we are not over yet.. no, not at all..

we have some juicy live questions for our guest today..

are you ready sir..

Part 2— Live Question from Telegram Community

Q1: Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about? @catus123

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:

Fact-Checking - Because it allows us to get to the truth.

Full DAO - basically full community governance in any part of process.

Perma-Web - As we will be running on IPFS no content can be ever removed from the Anomus.

Q2: Most investors focus only on the short-term price rather than the real value of the project. Can you tell about the long-term benefits for investors in the project? @luongsonbac2

Mr. Anomus | ANOMUS:

We are aiming for long-run all the way. This project is our passion. You never turn away from your passion. We are working on this because we see immense corruption in the modern world. We want to shed light on that and with the rights we deserve. Token value comes from its use case - also it will be used in our DAO structure and burning of Token will be introduced later in the process once DAO is initiated. We have various use cases for the token itself. Yet mostly it will be used for challenges & fact-checking. Once DAO is fully rolled out every member of the community can have their input on how token value can be pushed even further and many purposes of token use case will be introduced along the way.

Q3: How did you get the community involved in developing the project? and how do you build a strong community to grow globally? @seaofnarum