CryptoBooster X ApeironNFT AMA Recap on February 26th

Part I: Introduction and Overview Questions

Mikea | Cryptobooster

A pleasure to have you here Sir @Frankbocheng

Frank | ApeironNFT

Pleasure to be here Mikea!

And hello Boosters

Nice to meet you all

Mikea | Cryptobooster

Thanks, Now there are a lot of people with questions about Apeiron, Can you please introduce give us an introduction about Apeiron and yourself?

Frank | ApeironNFT

Sure thing, some epic copy and pasting action is in order!

So Yes! Hello everyone, Frank here 👋, I am the Cofounder and LoreKeeper of Foonie Magus. Apeiron is our 2nd franchise and our first attempt into Blockchain territory. Apeiron is also my personal dream project that began since 2016.

Quick rundown of my life -> born and raised in Hong Kong -> went to college in Wisconsin and worked in Chicago for 2 years as a management consultant -> went back to Hong Kong in 2009 to work in a private equity fund -> spent 6 years investing in and watching tech giants grow in china -> then in 2016, I decided to leave the lucrative buy side and start my own digital entertainment company, one that focuses on game development and global franchising....

and.. the reason is... I love games! I have been an avid gamer all my life. My game library and accomplishments dwarves my normal resume LOL... I was a freaking warlord and gladiator in WoW damnit! And I did it as a feral druid before they buffed the class 😤 I was also in Cal-M in CSS, and I reach top 50 in red alert and starcraft ladders back in the days 💪... okok... digressing...

so yea... I am just a silly dreamer.... who wants to create something truly fun and interesting... and I throughout the past 6 years I found a team of crazy dreamers just like me!

So... Apeiron is a God Game! ⚡️The first Play and Earn God Game on the blockchain! And.. to be honest, a "wanna be" spiritual successor of a 2001 PC game Black and White by Lionhead Studios 🦁. We do, of course, add a lot of unique flavors of our own to it, there's been a lot of break through in technology and consumer demand since 2001... not to mention... a whole tri-token economy now as well! 🎮💱

Inspired by epic alignment games such as Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Witcher and Black and White itself. We want to introduce players with a unique and dynamic "Good and Evil" alignment system that changes with every action they perform!

Answer the Doods’ prayers nicely and your planet will grow green and beautiful…or toss fireballs at the insolent curs and watch the world slowly turn into a hellish realm.

We are also introducing a unique battle system that is new not just to the blockchain, but also new to the entire gaming industry! It's a merge of card-based strategy and real time action role play game!

As a quick overview, skipping several core new features... Lets end the introduction with our innovative tri-token system! One that will help us combat deflation by wrapping themselves around classic online MMO deep game mechanics and free 2 play operational elements!

This is the shortest introduction template actually 😅

out of all 10 AMAs I've done so far..... the other answers I will try my best to keep it short!

Mikea | Cryptobooster

So impressed! I can really feel your enthusiasm.

And the project is attractive

Mikea | Cryptobooster

hahaha BTW, Love your doods😍

Now let us move to the Twitter selected questions

Frank | ApeironNFT

They are chubby and cuddly indeed

Let’s go

Mikea | Cryptobooster

Users are now choosing games with a Play2Earn function as a new way to earn money and increase their earnings. What is it about "#ApeironNFT" games that makes them so appealing in terms of the money that may be won? Is the revenue solely from the selling of NFT or native tokens? @NFTpromotert

Frank | ApeironNFT


Got quite a bit to talk on this one, let me start with a picture

This here is what a quintessential zodiac (in game alliance) looks like! what makes Play2Earn so appealing... well... the idea to have fun and make money at the same time is definitely enticing. Getting paid for something you like to do is a dream come true for everyone! In Apeiron we have 3 distinct tokens and 4 types NFTs, all of which rewards different play playstyles. We feature different ways for players to enhance the value of their NFTs and also feature unique liquidity pool staking mechanisms for our token holders to generate high yields.

But I want to address a more fundamental problem we will be facing. The rise of P2E actually came at the height of a bull market by a single titan that monopolized P2E... With the coming global turbulence and a slew of blockchain games and gaming guilds eager to take center stage.... the story may take somewhat drastic turns.

We want to take a step into a different direction. We think the idea to earn is great, but as game enthusiasts we believe the intrinsic value of all games should still be in core game mechanics and good old fashioned fun. A rewarding game experience is one that ramps up reward with risk and difficulty, where players shall be rewarded according to their skill, dedication, teamwork and sometimes.... pure luck!

Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

Thanks to my fellow @Mikea_Y I'be the host for now

Let's move to question number 2😃🙌🏻

Thank you sir, I can tell much endeavor you've put in Apeiron

a very much incredible GameFi project indeed

Frank | ApeironNFT


Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

This one concerns your partnership and investor, great question

Frank | ApeironNFT


Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

@Fatimabegom1 would like to know: strong backing and partnerships in the crypto market might bring huge benefits to new projects. During this point, can you tell us about the investors and partners of your project ? What benefits to the "Apeiron' ecosystem do you expect from them?

Frank | ApeironNFT

We recently announced the closing of our preseed round and some strategic partnerships in a press release article actually. Let me do some copy and pasting here because it covers who our partners are thoroughly lol

ZombieClub- Asia’s first Web3 thinktank, backed by major web3 hubs, several important technology conglomerates and celebrity Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). Apeiron has been identified as an early zombie to help revolutionize and promote best practices in Asia’s web3 space.

YGGSEA, Snackclub- Up and rising crypto gaming Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), they are the harbingers of the coming wave of web3 adopters that will revolutionize the landscape of crypto hungry nations eager to tap into the potential of the metaverse. But more importantly, they are the early believers who will help set the stage for Apeiron to become the most epic game-centric Godiverse it can be.

Leo Ventures, IVC, Trill Ventures- New crypto venture funds with passionate and dedicated teams to promote Apeiron’s vision globally, to develop lasting franchises in the metaverse and to enable future pioneers to build grand projects for the metaverse.

Enzac Research, Skyvision Capital, Dweb3 - Veteran teams in the web3 space, offering in-depth experience and professional support to ensure the fundamentals of Apeiron are of the foremost standards in the ever shifting metaverse.

Sing Tsang, Aither Global- Real world franchising partners that will help build bridges between physical world audiences and the Metaverse, driving integration via the power of storytelling and merchandising.

just gonna stick the piece here, it's a thorough answer to the question 🤣

Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

I saw some well-know VCs are listing!!

Massive info thank you for that 🔥🔥🔥

Frank | ApeironNFT

It's a growing list, stay tuned to our future dedicated partner announcements to see a lot more gaming guilds!

Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

Marvelous! We still have 3 more questions to proceed

The next one is also concerned by many community members

Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

As Frank has already mentioned P2E mechanism in Apeiron, but having fun while earning is also important. @xenxy_mon would like to know that to what extent does @ApeironNFT focus on the entertaining aspects of the game? What measures are in place to help make the game suitable for everyone, including non-crypto people?

Frank | ApeironNFT

Well first of all please take a look at our teasers if you haven't, I'll stick a link to them when the live question series come on later as I select the questions...

To what extent do we focus on entertaining aspects... well... to the extent that I left the lucrative financial world.. to start my own game development company... and spending 6 years of.. not just my life.. over 20+ employees have spent over 5 years here... to chase after a dream... to create truly unique entertainment experiences for the world. What you see in Apeiron, is new not just to the blockchain, but to the entire world!

As for how we are going to make our game suitable for everyone, well... let me start with a picture of our game interface

a world, and 4 buttons!

We are minimalists and purists, and we intend to input this simple design into our UI/UX for all functions in the future

As for general accessibility, we were initially exploring various free 2 play mechanisms to attract more users... but after having met the many passionate leaders from various gaming guilds... i now believe gaming guilds themselves are the ultimate free 2 play gateways to apeiron!

Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

I must say I really like this teaser!!

The Doods at very beginning are so adorable!!

Guys, if you haven't watch this

Check it on the website and Youtube


Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

No.4 @Ziaul13457595 found out that part of your future plans is making toys and a short animation and interesting stories revolving around Apeiron.

So,could you give us any more advanced details regarding your future plans?

What kind of toy you are going to make and literally how would you market it?

So many questions involved in one😄

Frank | ApeironNFT

Glad you asked a question that shows you actually read our materials @Ziaul13457595! We are currently waiting for our first sample of an extremely huggable dood plushie to arrive, once approved, it will be mass produced and we will begin our plushie event! Can't reveal what other awesome merchandises we willbe having next (where's the fun in that!?)... but I can say that the first ones are made available exclusively to our Origins Apostle NFT holders! That's these guys here:

We will continue to create merchandises, but later down the path they will be marketed together with game content releases and animation shorts to reach physical world audiences... and of course, to eventually drive adoption via the power of storytelling and franchising.

Frank | ApeironNFT

I got templates for everything 😂, am a little zealous in my frantic preparations for all the AMAs 😂

Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

Let's come to our last twitter question

Frank | ApeironNFT

All good, I am having fun

Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

Most NFTs games currently suffer a low player base due to expensive initial cost for a new player to take part in the game. How does @ApeironNFT attract a large group of players? Can you talk about some of its which make them different from others? @Alifa5150

Frank | ApeironNFT

As I mentioned a little above and in our strategic partnerships, we are actually partnering with MANY gaming guilds from around the world, and they will be the ideal f2p user acquisition platforms! We are still approaching many gaming guilds from all corners of the world, asking them to join in early and take part in building a strong international Apeiron community! In addition to gaming guilds, we are currently employing 7 marketing agencies across the world to help us identify long term KOL and community building partners as well.

Thank you for the question @Alifa5150

Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

Great sir

this is exactly what we wanted to hear from you about Apeiron 🙌🙌

Now this closes this section

and here we have some juicy live questions for our guest today!!

Part II: Live Questions from Telegram Community

Q1. IF THE BEAR MARKET COMES will your token PROBABLY DUMP? Do you have any plan to prepare for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell ? @ArlindaTrent

Frank | ApeironNFT

Haven‘t seen this one @ArlindaTrent before! Though I must say it belongs to a DeFi project, because blockchain games are more than just governance tokens. One should take into account all tokens in play and the NFTs which interacts with the game mechanics themselves.

But as with the cases of ALL bear markets, the market in general suffers together. So controls such as adjusting higher APRs for our yield, market making the floor may be considered to keep the health of the overall economy stable. But of course, we are still young and in fund raising phase, and the best thing we can do is to gather now, while the market is still strong, and prepare for the worst by controlling out development costs steady.

Q2. What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? @Cole_Dell

Frank | ApeironNFT

Our commitment and dedication. We have been developing Apeiron for 6 years, we have a lot more material than many others out there, especially when compared to many others who are trying to go for something entirely new! New is always costly and takes a long time to build, no matter how strong a team is, synergy takes time, and we have had our time to synergize and prepare.

On top of that, if you look at our team token unlock, the vesting is 80months... that's 6.66 years... we are intending to stay here a long time, no matter how many winters, because we want to create a franchise here, not just testing the water, we are committed.

Q3. Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progress and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?@Arlenejeffrey1992

Frank | ApeironNFT

To carry on from above... well... we raised 3 Million from Preseed, one of the biggest gamefi preseed raise... at 50 million FDV... and we are also in seed round now... close to another 3 million gathered now... but we will never be satisfied... not until we see the game launch... and not until we see our 6 year plan comes to fruition, when Apeiron becomes a proper franchise, with a Doodastic theme park in the Metaverse resort... only then... only then... may we be satisfied with respite!

Q4. Are you afraid some day there will be another project with more innovative technology can replace your project ? @ammie_saylor_20

Frank | ApeironNFT

I would honestly love to see more competition 🤺, that would mean more god games in the market! 😇 I sure hope it was that easy.. if it is... god games wouldn't be so sparse and little nowadays in the gaming industry out there.😢 But at the end, I do hope to see competition, because we are super competitive, and it is only through competition that developers can compete and grow together.💪

Q5. Truly, you've done AMA in many telegram groups, so what next, what other way will you make your project more popular?@Juliana_engle_17

Frank | ApeironNFT

This is my 10th AMA I think, it's all in preparation for the future main event AMAs that I will be doing with all the giant gaming guilds.

So yes, the next step is the big gaming guild announcements and major KOL push, in order to prepare for our coming 1st NFT Presale! Expect to see and hear a lot more of Apeiron in the coming days!

Frank | ApeironNFT

A little easter egg for my community members who are watching... since I am gonna be doing 3 AMAs a week throughout February and March (LOL). I want to give them something to play with here. Easter eggs that will culminate into a AMA Trivia night in our discord in March, with some sweet rewards for those who manage to sit/sift through my AMAs these 2 months... somehow... 🤢 So yup, here it is... our 10th easter egg:

The hidden Trivia for collecting all AMA easter eggs will be held on March 15th at 12pm UTC in our community Discord's Trivia channel, no announcments will be made regarding this. hehehe

I am going to take my leave now! Please remember to stay tuned to our Twitter for the latest, and don't hesitate to join all the fun that is in our communities!

I am going to take my leave now! Please remember to take a look at our incredible ingame teaser trailer if you haven't, and come take part in our free USDT giveaway Lunar New year event on Twitter 🧧🧧👇


Twitter- Free USDT giveaway event

Scherbatsky | Cryptobooster

That's incredible, thank you, Frank, an honor to have you here!

Frank | ApeironNFT

Thank you again Booster community, and thank you Scherbatsky for being such a nice and attentive host!

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