CryptoBooster X BladeGame AMA Recap on September 25th

Part 1 — Introduction and questions from the Twitter retweet

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Hello, everyone! We are happy to announce our AMA session with BladeGame! Welcome to Multi-Chain Booster Community.

A pleasure to have you here @Cicily Zhou

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

My pleasure as well to join this wonderful community!!!

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

So let's start... Now there's a lot of people with questions for BladeGame, would you please introduce yourself before the chat and share a quick overview of BladeGame?

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

Sure sure! So my name is Cicily, I am the overseas marketing head for Blade project. I was born and raised in Shanghai, and went to the USA for college. I joined the crypto industry in 2017.

And as for BladeGame, Blade Warrior is the first metaverse game on OEC, an open blockchain game ecosystem.

The team comes from well-known 3A game development companies and well-known international blockchain organizations.

Blade insists on Play-to-Earn, and is committed to bringing users a perfect gaming experience while gaining substantial revenue from the game.

Our vision is to advance the development of blockchain games by 10 years, and the goal is to be the No. 1 brand of blockchain games.

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Wow very impressive information, Let us know more about Blade. We must look forward to his great vision and future 🙏

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:


Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Let's come to the next part of AMA—Twitter Questions! We have 10 twitter questions for you, are you ready?

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:


Brynn | CryptoBooster:

1. There are many NFT and Metaverse projects currently. The market is fiercely competitive and users are more elective when participating in any platform. What makes BladeWarrior believe it will achieve the mission to become the future of the entertainment industry? @anhquang1905

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

First of all, DeFi broke out from October last year to March this year, NFT started from March to August, and it has not yet reached the outbreak period. Despite competition, we think it is still a blue ocean.

Secondly, OKEX is one of the top three exchanges. OEC is a new ecology. This ecology has just started.

GameFi on this is even more scarce. We have already got the first-mover advantage and established the brand image for the OK ecosystem.

Finally, The team comes from well-known 3A game development companies and international blockchain organizations. We believe that after the official release of this game, it will bring a brand new experience to players.

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Thank you for this great reply

Let's move to the next Twitter question

2. P2E games are blowing up in the cryptocurrency space with great potential. A significant issue for many of the currently offered P2E games is just that — they are being created as blockchain games, not great games where blockchain is just one element. How's BladeGame different? @tanmoy07322405

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

We actually see the same trend...In Phase1.0 , most P2E games only had Earn, without Play, and lack of playability. In Phase 2.0, it is necessary to have Earn and Play, otherwise we think it will be eventually dying out.

So as for Blade Project, our token - Blade, the pass to BladeWarrior game, is a hard currency. Buying NFT, upgrading character equipment, guying gold, participating in PK contest, etc. all require the use of Blade.

We introduce the concept of will need to accumulate certain amount of fragments in order to get "pets", another kind of NFT

This way, we added more fun and cool necessary experience for our users.

You will kinda have to play the game to get more NFTs...

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Thank you for your answers👏 let's go for another one 🔥🔥

3. What role does Blade token play in the BLADE game? What are the usefulness of tokens? How to ensure that the currency price will not drop sharply during the process of playing and earning? @kangkan61270989

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

There will be a variety of game-play methods in the game, such as fragments, pets, gems, etc., but Blade is always a hard currency, a rigid demand item in the game.

Blade can only be produced from the game, such as defeating monsters. It can also be used to buy land, and it can even be used to trade NFTs in the game.

We also have a mining mechanism. We encourage players not to rush to sell the blade they have acquired, but to wait for the blade to increase the value for some time.

In summary, Blade has lots of necessary use cases!

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Next is the fourth tweet question, which is a great question.🔥🌈

4. Being a gaming platform what are the games #BladeGame is currently supporting? What type of games are you planning to add in the future? How do you plan to expand to non-crypto users as there are n many gamers with zero blockchain knowledge? Also please explain marketing strategies.👉 @tanmoy284910957

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

The type of the game is SLG+ cards. For version 0.1, it's only a card game. But it will grow into an SLG game.

It's actually relatively easy for all players. You just need a little bit basic knowledge of blockchain, like how to use wallets, etc.

Besides, after the game development is completed, we will also publish tutorials and basic strategy, but for more details, I think players need to experience the game themselves. But the game is probably fun enough to attract them to play!!

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Next is the last twitter question👉

5. What is your future plans, any roadmap to show? What we can expect in the next 3 months? @CryptoLawrenceT

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

Our game promotion video will be ready soon. And the Game v0.1 (the internal beta version) will be released by the end of this month, and the PVE will be released by then, too.

Currently, we already have some promotion videos (for different stages of the game)

And a large-scale internal test and public test of the Game will be carried out next month!

You can find out the more detailed roadmap on our official website and our whitepaper .

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Next is the 6th Twitter question

6. What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships? @Y09Vicky

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

We have built good relationships with OKex and partnerships with OkexChain, OKex NFT official marketplace,, CherrySwap, JSwap, MySwap, TokenPocket, MathWallet, and CoinHub, listed by CoinMarketCap & MyToken. Coingecko and Feixiaohao is on the way.

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

7. What are the ways for your project to generate revenue in the long run? @Lucy3122738

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

We can sell NFT(hero,weapon and lands,etc),and develop maps for partners. Meanwhile, the team reserved 5% token for future development.(it's locked for a long term , don’t worry hahaha )

But what matters more for us is to build blade brand rather than the profit actually.

We believe in long-term value creation. As long as the product is good, the money will follow eventually.

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Next is the 8th Twitter question🚀

8. What is the land mentioned in the Whitepaper used for? What is its value?@AdorableOphelia1

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

Ah with land, It's a huge plan.

  1. there would be different lands for different chains.

  2. It is like territory, you can get different equipment and farming bonus from each territory

  3. It could be your home, your hero/heroine can rest and restore there.

It will be launched one by one, and just stay tuned.

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

9. What is the relationship between the attach bonus of NFT hero and weapon and gold farming? Is the higher the self-attack, the faster and more profitable the gold farming is? @Clarins9432

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

In short, the more power you have, the quicker you will get blade in return.

We also have first-kill mode in game for every character, you can get blade when you kill some monster at the first time.

Meanwhile, you can get Blade, fragments, gems and synthesis pets in game, there will be a game eco inside blade soon.

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Finally came to the last question, this is really a lot of knowledge in the answer above, hahahaha

10. What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? @Awxell123

Cicily Zhou | BladeGame:

Sure!! Would love to share this.

We wanna be the Disney on Chain. Does that sound ambitious enough? Haha

But of course, we have a long way to go! First we need to bring Blade to success, then we want to be the Steam on Chain. Finally, we aim to be Chain-Disney.


BTW, we're all from well-known international tech firms. We know how to build our strategy and ecosystem. From scratch, Blade has made a successful eco in OKEXCHAIN in a short term (1 month), that's already the best proof.

Remember, blade is not only a game, it's a brand, or an ecosystem.

We want GameFi projects to use our platform as much as possible.

Brynn | CryptoBooster:

Thank you for so many wonderful answers above, I believe Blade will be the next hot spot for GameFi.

Part 2 — Live questions from the Telegram community</