CryptoBooster X Executium AMA Recap on Aug 26th

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Twitter retweet

FatSheep | CryptoBooster:

Welcome to CryptoBooster🥳

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

Thanks for having us today.

FatSheep | CryptoBooster:

A pleasure to have you here@Masa1600, Now there's a lot of people with questions about Executium project, Can you please introduce yourself and give us an introduction about Executium project?

We are very eager to learn about your amazing project.

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

Actually, we're here introducing; a trading system to help you trade using Algos and more on CeFI exchanges.

Executium is a complete set of aggregated trading solutions that automates trading strategies through accurate trading algorithms. It currently supports 20 exchanges including Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, Okex, FTX and more. As a trader/user, the user only needs to input relevant parameters according to their trading strategies, the system will run the strategies automatically and place orders whenever trading opportunities arise. Consequently, users can get more free time from the rapidly changing market conditions.

We believe that a good trading software will help to manage the emotions of traders. Trading is risky, and if the user makes a wrong prediction, it will lead to loss of money. When negative emotions such as the fear of losing money appear in the trader's mind, it is likely to cause unnecessary losses. Software algorithms, on the other hand, are immune to mood swings and will execute each trade precisely according to the established strategy.

Executium boasts a wide variety of trading strategies, we have prepared the most suitable trading strategies for all types of traders. For example, we offer easy long/short strategies for novice traders, TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) for miner traders, and arbitrage tools for seasoned traders, etc. We believe that the best products are the ones that are favored by everyone.

Our leadership of the Executium Team includes:

Co-founder: Masa (thats me), a graduate of Yale University, worked at UBS and JPMorgan Chase, where he was a long-time trader in convertible bonds and equity derivatives. He is currently working as a strategic advisor for Executium, helping the team with product planning, marketing, and financing strategies.

CEO: Sandeep, who holds an MBA from Manchester Business School, was CEO of Tower Capital and advisor to the Technical Advisory Board of the Bombay Stock Exchange. He has worked for over 25 years on brokerage exchanges in the UK, India, and Hong Kong.

Major Functions of Executium:

Day Trading (Spot/Futures, Long & Short)

As users will trade using maker-maker, we currently support both Binance and Bitfinex considering the depth of trading. Users can set several parameters including the number of trades, execution price, take profit/stop loss, etc. According to the set trading frequency, the system can complete multiple long and short trades for users in the case of up and down price fluctuations to achieve high-frequency profits.

We also offer a trading assistant function, which is a series of signal trading strategies that users can select and copy with one click to execute their trades. This feature allows users to have an effective strategy reference when they are unable to foresee the market trend, thus preventing them from losing money due to wrong judgment.

Spread arbitrage trading (users can carry out arbitrage trading to take advantage of the price difference of the same currency in two exchanges)

Depending on the order type, the system can be divided into taker-taker, maker-taker, and market maker-taker, and the user can choose two different exchanges to carry out spread arbitrage. For example, if you set a strategy to trade when the spread between BTC on Binance and Bitfinex reaches 1%, the system sells BTC on the higher-priced exchange and buys the same amount of BTC on the lower-priced exchange. One percent of the spread minus the transaction fees of both exchanges is your gain. The spread arbitrage strategy provides users with a more robust return while holding the same amount of coins, and the automated system means users don't need to keep an eye on their computer or phone screen.

As a long time trader of so many markets - my team and I wanted to build something that can really help the ordinary trader have the tools to become an advanced trader - and not let the costs of tech development get in the way.

For example, we have algos such as TWAP

TWAP (even order placement within a set time frame to reduce market impact)

TWAP is an algorithmic split that brings the trader's opening cost closer to the average price per unit of time. Let's assume that a trader has 10,000 USDT and invests $2,000 per week for 5 months using TWAP. Assuming that each position is opened at 100 USDT, 80 USDT, 95 USDT, 76 USDT, and 97 USD respectively, his average asset price would be 89.6 USDT. If the trader had invested all of his money at the beginning, his cost would be 100 USDT, almost 10.4% higher than the cost of using TWAP. As a miner with a long-term hedging need, TWAP is a much more efficient trading strategy.

But I think something really cool we offer are competitions from swing trading which we call day-trading

Trading Competition (users trade according to the rules of the competition, and the users with the highest ROI win the competition reward)

All-day trading users can participate in Executium trading competitions, where they will be ranked according to their profits during the competition period and the first-place trader will be awarded USDT. This is a very attractive event, users can participate in the competition by clicking on the sign-up button, and there is no requirement on the minimum number of trades in the competition. We provide a stage for all Executium users to showcase themselves and hope that they will fully flex their muscles, regardless of their actual assets.

The ROI is a % so its not size that matters but the percent profitablility - so anyone has a chance of winning the prizes.

FatSheep | CryptoBooster:

Well, Very detailed introduction, We can learn a lot from it.

Thank you for this great overview.

Let's start with the first part.

We have five questions from twitter users waiting for your answer

Now this is the last one.

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

Alright - lets answer them!

Q1.A project needs to address a real world problem. What are the main concerns of your project?@rick69052009

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

So, I believe that a lot crypto traders don't have all the tools available for them to make consistently good trades, especially trades like arbitrage, have a discipline approach to trend following, or even splitting orders into smaller ones to diversify the timing of the entry and exit points of a trade. These are things that in tradfi and still for a good part available only to those who can code these kind of tools, or those who can afford quite pricey off the shelf solutions. We wanted to bring these kinds of trading capabilities - especially in crypto - to the average person who wants to become a little more than a degen speculator.

Q2. Can you introduce the principle of aggregation trading? What are the hightlight points compared with similar products@rayrui819

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

I have heard a lot that Executium is an exchange trading aggregator. If a user chooses to put in API keys for various exchanges such as say FTX, Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi etc, then by logging into Exeucitum, a user can trade on all the exchanges through one platform. So, I know a lot of traders when trading manually might have a screen up for binance, might have then on for 3 other exchanges, but with Executium a trader can really have only one page open and switch the trading exchange with a click of a few buttons.

Q3.How do you ensure your ultra-fast transaction speed, because when users conduct TWAP, the transaction speed will largely determine the user’s profit?@kangkan61270989

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

We have a way of optimizing or potentially optimizing (as demand increases for such service) to expand our servers and optimize geographic locations for speed. We a re regularly checking ping round trips - its quite cool to figure out roughly where certain exchange servers are ... for example Binance is (has been) using Tokyo, Bitmex is in Ireland, Kraken I think is somehwere in the USA...

Q4.What advantages does Executium provide to the customers over other competitors? Will I be required to go through KYC before using your fiat lending solutions? how many cryptocurrencies and Fiat does Executium support?@V8Quang

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

Executium has no fiat lending solutions in itself. What a user can use Executium to capture a lending like return is to use the spread trader (taker taker) to efficiently put on whats called cash-carry arbitrage positions which can accrete interest rates over time. As Executium is a tool to help trade on many exchanges, a user (provided they have an account at the exchanges) has access to hundreds / if not thousands of pairs.

Executium's advantage are lower and flexible fees, great execution (API error handling) capabilities, algos that are ones I may even use myself - which has been a result of just having some great coders, great tech, and a ton of professional trader inputs.

Q5. I noticed that you held a trading challenge.what's the rules about it and how can I participate?@lonelyfatsheep

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

We run quite a few challenges. This is to encourage traders to try an interesting swing trading function at your favorite exchange (currently Binance and Bitfinex is supported, but we're hoping to add more). So:

1) Sign up to Executium, I think the least you might need to really participate for a chance of winning is the Silver package at 10 USD for a month.

2) Join a competition for using a day trading function - which helps a user buy (maybe as a maker), and then sets a limit sell order, and may allow for a stop loss as well. We have videos right on the site to explain this further and better than my answer here if you'd like to learn more about it.

So, i'd really encourage user to try this out when they have time or think they can maybe win a little extra for trading well.

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from telegram username @setupd

What are your marketing strategies and how will you have a global expansion and adoption fo your project where English is not spoken?What are your next upcoming priorities? What is in your roadmap ?

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

We plan to have multi-language versions of the site so that users globally can use it in their native language. Our priorities include providing new algos and more exchanges.

Q2 from telegram username @cryptoloversmc

Hello sir✅

⏭️ How safe is your platform? Has there been any Audit so that its safe from bugs and smart contract is fully audited?

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

Our risks are that your API keys are safe - and we have made sure to handle this and safeguard these with the utmost care.

Q3 from telegram username @Shiemboss4444444444444444444444

What is your strategy for building a strong community? Do you agree that the power of the community will lead your project to develop globally? What services do you provide to the community?

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

I think having a strong community is quite important. Please do follow our Telegram, and Twitter as ways to interact with us, give us feedback, give us suggestions. The more we hear from our users and better and mre useful we can make our product.

Q4 from telegram username @basstardee

What is the competitive advantage of your project? Can you tell me 1-3 best features of your project that other projects don't have to convince me and other investors to invest in your project for a long time?

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

I think we offer some advanced trading capabilities - and things that the competition doesn't provide. We have a strong trading experience to make some features that I think our users will find useful.

Q5 from telegram username @MeghanMcwilliams

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected every business in the world. Is your project affected by this? Is it in a better way or a bad way?

Masahide Hoshi | Executium:

This is interesting, since I think Covid partially caused so many people to trade as a way to even pass the time, stimulus cheques that were turned into investments, and the result was so much more awareness in trading, investing, and crypto. Work from home and social distancing took a toll on us for sure, as things were slower to get done, but I think as a result of this, we have gotten stronger, and the changes in markets does give us a better chance too. Though, really this is kinda more a silver lining if we think how much damage this virus has caused the world.

Part 3 — Quiz Results

Q1. What is Executium? (B)

a. An EVM-based, lend/borrow only platform with over-collateralized mechanics

b. Aggregated trading platform with daily trading,arbitrage and TWAP

c. An NFT staking platform

d. A perpetual contract trading platform

2. What is arbitrage trading?(B)

a. Transfer cryptocurrencies from the lower-priced Exchange A to the higher-priced Exchange B for sale

b. Buy cryptocurrencies on the lower-priced Exchange A and sell the same amount of cryptocurrencies on the higher-priced Exchange B at the same time, with the difference being profit.

3. How Executium guarantees the safety of funds (A)

a. The platform uses API to get connected to the exchanges, so the user's assets will not leave the exchange account

b. KYC

c. Funds security guarantee agreement

d. Verbal commitment

Q4. Which of the follow is the feature of Executium Competition?(D)

a. No minimum order size requirement

b. Minimum order return on investment (ROI) set at 0.25%

c. Orders must be made through the Day Trading system

d. All of above

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