CryptoBooster X Fastyield Finance AMA Recap on November 13th

Part 1—Introduction and Overview Question

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Good day everyone

you are here for another massive AMA in Multi-chain 🔥🔥🔥

Today we have the great FastYield Finance project with us..

Cannot wait to hear more about it..

We have with us @SkyHighYields representing the project..

an honour to have you here with us sir..

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

It's a pleasure. thank you for having me😊

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

As a start, I would ask you to, please🙏, tell us a bit about yourself and introduce this very interesting project for our audience..

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

Sure ! I am SkyHighYields, manager for Fastyield Finance and i would like to introduce to you all our amazing platform. Fastyield is an optimised yield aggregator launching soon on the Fantom network.

Users simply deposit LP tokens into one of our boosted vaults and our contracts will yield farm for them!

The contracts automatically swap the earned farming rewards into the required tokens, add those tokens to the liquidity pool, and redeposit the LP tokens back into the yield farm, where the process can start again.

Our strategies utilize the best harvest to gas usage ratio, meaning more money redeposited, less money on gas.

Fastyield vault depositors also receive FAST token as a bonus APR. That’s right! Not only will our vaults auto compound at an optimised rate, saving our users time and gas money, they will also receive another layer of interest! It's almost like we are paying them to use our vaults.

There are no locks or vesting periods on any of our vaults, users can withdraw their LP and/or harvest FAST token any time they like.

Fastyield also has a ZAP feature to make it super easy for users to create LP in one transaction

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Really impressive and we know the Fantom ecosystem is growing fast.. and this project will be integral part of it.. 🔥🔥

After the warming up, let's go to our Twitter questions and let's see what our audience would like to know more..

Are you ready 💥💥

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

Yessir !

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Let's roll 🌪🌪

5 questions 50 USD in FAST Tokens to each selected question.. Big rewards

Number 1. Some DeFi projects that offer yield farming are driven by hype and scarcity, so as the hype decreases the automation of the project decreases as well. What is the key to maintaining the yield of your Project?

How can FastyieldFinance keep users from contributing to your project? @Heartless98

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

Very good question !

it's true that hype dies down, we have an amazing marketing team working everyday to spread the word, and we hold competitions weekly to keep the community engaged.

Also, at Fastyield we have a built in buy-back and burn feature so that FAST token remains scarce. 2% of every harvest is used to buy FAST token off the market and is sent to the burn address.So as the protocol grows, more FAST is burned

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Thanks a lot, great to hear this for the potential investors in the audience.. 🚀🚀🚀

Sustainability is important and it is nice to see you have this in mind..

Number 2....

As we know that "Fastyield Finance" main goal is to create a user centric sustainability driven ecosystem What would be the maximum yield , reward farming and What is its importance in the integration of multiple chains? And Why You Choose FANTOM? @PiloT9804

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

Another excellent question !

We chose Fantom because of the scalability and because congestion doesn't affect the whole network. Fantom network has great speed and reliability which means it's favourable for optimised vault strategies.

It also means we can mint tokens on a per second basis instead of a block basis, which makes it much easier to calculate rewards.

Currrently, 0.02 FAST tokens will be minted per second.

The team is able to change the multiplier rewards so we can re-route rewards to more popular vaults.

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Thank you sir.. I think we all see some limitation in some of the currently widely used blockchains.. So new ones like Fantom could help solve the major scalability problems we often experience..

Now we know why you called it fast 💪🏽👍🌪

Number 3...

FastYield Finance has a great feature is Credit score evaluation. So,how is the evaluation of credit score being done on your platform?What is the basis of having a high credit score?What advantages if the creditor will have a high credit score& how about with a low credit score? @Akash97321

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this, but i'll do my best to answer.

Being a decentralised platform, a user doesn’t have to have any credit score to participate in Fastyield farming. They just need access to a computer or phone and an internet connection.

For our partnerships, we only deal with well trusted and secure platforms so users can rest easy knowing their funds are safe.

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Perfect, let's move to question 4... Things will be better...

4. Staking and Yield Farming mechanisms of projects attract a lot of attention for investors to earn passive income. Can you tell us about the passive income opportunities that "Fast Yield " will offer to investors and its advantages over other alternatives?@tonmoy284910597

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

Passive income has gained a lot of attention with the DeFi boom. Compound interest can turn regular returns into phenomenal returns. Fastyield's auto compounding vaults will continue to earn and compound at an optimised rate to maximise those returns for our users.

In addition to the very attractive APY's, our users will earn FAST as an additional reward. think of it as farming while you compound !

our users benefit from extra fast yields !

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Massive news 😱😱💪🏽💪🏽🙌🙌

For everyone looking at the project..

Let's go to the next and last Twitter question..

5. How does security ensure safety and privacy for your network users? Does it provide enough battle tests for the user? Thank you. @Jenyviantika

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

Ahh yes. i thought that question might come up

Security of user assets is top priority at Fastyield Finance. The team is comprised of experienced yield farmers, we have all been victims of rugpulls, exploits, and have lost funds due to dev error. We know the frustrations and stress this can cause having experienced it several times ourselves.

Our users can rest easy knowing our contracts have been audited by two separate auditors prior to launch, and all vaults are tested thoroughly to ensure deposited assets are safe.

Ether Authority found our contracts to be "“well-secured”, and Hash0x found them to be “secured”.

The audits are published and can be reviewed on our gitbook page.

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Massive stuff... 👍👍💪🏽💪🏽🌪🌪 great to know you have this covered.. A lot of funds will be held in these vaults, and we all want to make sure they are safe..

Thank you for this..

Let's move to the next part.. Very juicy live questions..

Part 2— Live Question from Telegram Community

Question from Telegram username @tamguonghcm

What is Fastyield Finance's top 2-3 for 2021? Can Fastyield Finance share some of its plans for the coming year? Or is there something secret that Fastyield Finance doesn't want to share?

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

We have several updates coming out over the next few months. First thing we are doing is launching more boosted vaults, we aim to release optimised vault strategies for yield farms and lending protocols across the Fantom network every week. We also plan to upgrade the ZAP feature to support stable coins, allowing more options for users to create LP. And possibly an un-zap feature, so it’s just as easy for users to break their LP back into a single asset.

Our educational section will also be expanded to help new users get started with DeFi.

We have several cool ideas for long term (from governance to dividends) but we would love to hear from the community before confirming any plans

Car Marz | Cryptobooster:

Thanks a lot, it has been great to have you here and great answers to difficult questions..

It has been an honour and we wish you all the best for the project

SkyHighYields | Fastyield Finance:

Thank you very much for inviting me to your wonderful community. it has been an absolute pleasure

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