CryptoBooster X LitiCapital AMA Recap on August 16th

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Twitter retweet

Zhangruikiki | CryptoBooster:

A pleasure to have you here@bers86. Now there's a lot of people with questions about Liti Capital, Can you please introduce yourself and give us an introduction about Liti Capital?

We are very eager to learn about your amazing project.

bers86 | LitiCapital:

My name is Jonas, i'm the CEO of Liti Capital, a litigation finance company on the blockchain.

Previously, I was a banker at Credit Suisse, and I have worked in the private intelligence and private investigation business since 2012. I am also the founder of Athena Intelligence, Switzerland's largest private intelligence firm.

Liti Capital is a litigation finance company that has tokenized its equity on the blockchain (available right now on Uniswap and as of tomorrow on HitBTC!).

Litigation finance is the act of providing financing for people that don't have to money to start litigations and arbitration

think of it like you're a small beverage company and coca cola is breaching a big contract with you.

Do you have the money to pay millions of USD to sue coca cola? probably not,

so you come to us, we look at your case and if it makes sense we pay for everything, from the best lawyers, to the best PR to the best investigators

and we take a percentage of the recovery.If you lose, you pay 0.

That is litigation finance in a nutshell and Liti Capital is the first company active in this field in the blockchain, which allows any investors to come in and get exposure to this fantastic assets class which provides amazing return (30-50% average).

Zhangruikiki | CryptoBooster:

Thank you for this great overview.

So let's move to our first part, we will ask you some questions coming from Twitter.Let's start with the first one.

Q1.Can you indicate a feature or feature that you like best about the platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for your platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?@osuna51a

bers86 | LitiCapital:

First thing, we have 0 competitors. There are no other litigation finance company on the blockchain. Period what we offer on the blockchain is not just a random token.

It is an equity token meaning that the LITI token that you buy, gives you actual shares in Liti Capital SA, the company registered in Switzerland which is the holding company of our activities.There are only a handful of companies out there with a true equity token so you dont buy just a token.

You are buying a share, or equity, in the company and in the project, meaning you automatically becomes a part owner of the company.

For you to do that, you need to pass KYC (as we need to know who our shareholders are). But if you dont want to pass KYC, you can simply get the wrapped version of our token, the wLITI which is legally like a stock options, which allows you to gain exposure to the company without having to pass KYC.

The other thing that is very unique is that we are not just an idea or a random project.We are a real company, with real assets in the balance sheets and we have already raised close to USD 20 million so we are solid, we are here to stay and we are here to make all of you money.

This is what blockchain investors want. They want a safe, long term investment which will generate positive returns through real assets and this is what we are bringing to the community.

Zhangruikiki | CryptoBooster:

Thanks a lot.It sounds interesting!

Q2.During these days a lot of project are just copying between them and they forgot the Innovations, so can you tell us what is the special or unique thing that Your project is only able to provide?@Ipman15547444

bers86 | LitiCapital:

I think part of my answer before covers that, but what is also unique about us is that we are dedicating between 5 and 10% of our investment capital to investigate and litigate cryptoscammers.For free meaning that if you're the victim of a crypto scam and you've lost some ETH or other crypto and you dont know what to do

You come to us, you send us the case details to and if your case is indeed a case, we will put it to vote for our community and the project with most votes will be taken on for free.At no costs for you and we will work hard to get your money back

Zhangruikiki | CryptoBooster:

Wow,thank you.

Q3.Good day I want to know What are the benefits of holding token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run?@emirtiken72

bers86 | LitiCapital:

First thing .First as an equity token.You get the right to dividends and voting rights at the company general assembly meeting. So dividends is a the amount of the profit that the company distributes every year and as a LITI token holders, you receive a part of it proportional to the amount of token you hold.

Liti Capital will distribute 80% of its dividends to LITI token holders meaning you get money in your account each year that we are distributing dividends, so its a passive income additionally with the wLITI, you get exposure to a token that has been going up almost non-stop since we've listed at the end of June

We've listed at 0,01 USD and now the price is at 0,03, consistantly growing despite a mini bear market in July. this is largely due to the fact that again, we are a real company, with real assets and people value this with the wLITI, we will also release a staking program this month, which is a way for you to earn more token passively.

You also get to submit a case via the scambuster program and you get to vote on which case will be selected next

And finally Litigation Finance is an asset class where the returns are growing exponentially. the longer you hold, the longer the benefits and that is simply because litigation and arbitration take a long time to convert from case to cash.

Zhangruikiki | CryptoBooster:

Wow, thank you for this.

Let's move to our fourth question.

Q4.Programs that interface with users are present in almost all projects. Is there anything specific you're planning to recruit and extend the community, as well as improve the user experience?@suraaps1415

bers86 | LitiCapital:

So on top of all the benefits already listed above, our community has an active role in what we are doing already with having voting rights at the general assembly, meaning you can say yes or no as to wheter we are doing a good job and you can publicly disgree with some of the decisions we are taking and ultimately shape the company's future that way.

On top of this, people will be able to submit and vote for scambuster case, thus giving the best chance to the victims of their choice to get their money back, which is a way to increase accountability in the blockchain space which is what this whole community need.

Zhangruikiki | CryptoBooster:

Thanks a lot, coincise and precise.

Q5.Whether in cryptocurrency trading or in traditional financial markets, liquidity is the key to success. The popularity of DeFI this year also reflects the important role that liquidity plays in the market. How does @LitiCapital solve the problem of platform liquidity?@Dishankcrypto

bers86 | LitiCapital:

That's a great question and liquidity is everything which is why Liti Capital has locked 1.2 million worth of USD in the liquidity pool that we have set up on Uniswap.For a period of 3 years meaning the liquidity pool will be there until 2024.We also plan to deploy a liquidity staking program in september which will greatly incentivize liquidity provider to come and provide additional liquidity to our wLITI token on Uniswap

Zhangruikiki | CryptoBooster:

Let us move to the last one.

Q6.what is your plans for the rest year of 2021? Do you have any partnership with other project or capital?@AirCar10

bers86 | LitiCapital:

we have a lot of plans for 2021.We have announced that we are listing on HITBTC tomorrow !We will also announce further central exchange later this month, so keep an eye out for this.

We will also have a MASSIVE news on Thursday, so keep an eye on our socials like Twitter That will seriously blow your mind.

We will also deploy the staking program later this month and in september the liquidity provider staking program.

We will also keep on expanding our portfolio of assets under management as we further fundraise money and we will for sure keep you informed of our progresses on that front.

We are also working with a number of influencers to facilitate their fight against crypto scammers (hello Coach-K and Bitboy!)

Later this month we will also run the first scambuster community vote, where people will be able to vote for our next pro-bono crypto scam investigation, so make sure you contribute to get justice done.It's going to be a very busy year, so buckle up and make sure you support us !

Zhangruikiki | CryptoBooster:

Thanks a lot.Congrats to all the Winner for the Twitter questions.

Now 2nd Part

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from telegram username@Alice

The LITI token is Protected by the Swiss Law, what legal functions are given to the token due to this, and how can users feel more protected by this legality of the token? Also, currencies related to governments are quite the opposite of the vision of crypto, how can LITI adcquire validation from the Swiss Law but keep it'd criptographic independent and deflationary nature?

bers86 | LitiCapital:

That's a great question. So Switzerland passed a new law last year that allows the creation of equity token where instead of receiving a paper share, you can receive a digital share (token).

Our token is thus a legally recognized equity instrument in Switzerland and it gives you the same right and power than any other shares in any other Swiss companies.A bit like if you had purchased a share of Nestlé or Novartis

I agree that this tends to go against the initial crypto idea, but equally the initial crypto idea is about decentralization not necessarily against regulation at all and in many way, i think some regulation is good.It gives shareholders and investors the security that I am not going to run away with the money

you can check here that the company is registered and that i'm a director of it and that its a valid legally registered company and that is one of the great thing with the equity token is that anyone, anywhere in the world can buy shares of other companies and that is what we are offering here.

Q2 from telegram username@Pandora Mza-KobEE

Where can I buy your tokens now, what are your current contracts and how can I buy them and what are the benefits?

bers86 | LitiCapital:

Our tokens are live already. You can buy the LITI token on our website ( the wLITI right now on Uniswap ( as of tomorrow on HitBTC (

this is the contract of the wLITI and this is the contract of the LITI -

everything is super transparent about us and you can go and check out the documentation yourself, read the contracts, etc..

Q3 from telegram username@Ross

To enhance the likelihood of success in the litigation process, a multi-step evaluation process is performed to the cases and only the ones that approve it get to be integrated in the litigation asset portfolio. What are the steps of this process, what are the requirements for an asset to pass? As a user how can I propose an asset to be tested by the case selection policy? And finally, who performs this selection and decided what is or isn't approved?

bers86 | LitiCapital:

So you're right, the success of the litigation is what determines how much money you make

Luckily our team has done this successfully before

David, our CIO and executive chairman, used to ran a hedge fund that had 1 billion USD under management, doing exactly that Myself I have identified, traced and helped to recover USD 750 million last year for various clients.The selection process is what we call due diligence.We are doing a legal due diligence to determine if the case has any intrasic value and whether its winnable from a legal perspective but we also do a financial due diligence where we need to make sure that the other side can pay otherwise a legal decision is just a useless piece of paper and once a case passes the legal and financial due diligence, we decide whether we want to take it on, and if we do we go ahead and decide to fund it.

Q4 from telegram username@Beverley Armstrong

Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

bers86 | LitiCapital:

That's a great question. The best protection against rug pull and exit scam is for you to do your own due diligence. Check us out, google us, google me, verify that the company is properly registered. Verify that the liquidity pool is locked, that the project is backed up by real people with real life and with real life experience

We check all those boxes, we are here to stay and we are not going anywhere.Our entire business model is a long term business model, which means we are here to create long term value for investors.

Q5 from telegram username@Alikaa Azzahra

Can you explain the use and function of the $LITI & $wLITI tokens in the litigation funding ecosystem at #LitiCapital and whether the tokens are already securely audited or otherwise?

bers86 | LitiCapital:

Great question.First thing first, we are 100% audited by CERTIK, one of the best company out there.You can check our report there:

they have found our smart contract to be of top notch quality (dont take my word for it, go read the report) with 6 information findings, meaning they have found 0 problems in our smart contract.The token are directly linked with the equity of the company from a legal perspective the LITI token is the equity and the wLITI is a stock option on the equity when you buy a LITI or a wLITI.You instantly gain exposure to ALL our assets, not just 1.We don't fund 1 case only with the issuance of specific token, we are funding the entire company, which then holds the participation into all the assets of the business.We do this for one simply reason to reduce risks for investors,so if you have exposure to 10 different litigations, even if we lose 1 (and we will lose one case at some point, dont trust people that have 100% success rate), you dont lose all your money because you make back some money with the other 9 successful case.

Q6 from telegram username@CletusHennessey

Many projects are just projects that make deceptive promises created by cloning existing ones and are similar to existing ones. Do you have features that are unique to you, that you have developed and that make you special?

bers86 | LitiCapital:

That's the thing with us.We aren't just an idea or a project.We are a real company with real assets with real people.In fact we've focused so much on building the fundation of the business that we forgot about marketing until later on in the process !So we are bringing the first use case of private equity in the blockchain not just the idea of developing it in the future.But right now,we have cases in our portfolio, we have a team of competent individuals we have very supportive investors and we are going to grow and conquer the private equity scene on the blockchain.

Q7 from telegram username@D2320

How to stay cool in the current situation on the cryptocurrency market?

bers86 | LitiCapital:

That's a good one, so we are very confident about operating in a bear market for the simply reason that the way we make money is NOT on the crypto.We use crypto as a bridge to allow more investors to gain exposure to our assets, but this is not how we make money.We make money by working our underlying assets and making sure that we deliver on the litigation side.So even if bitcoin goes to 0 and the whole crypto industry dies, you will still be a shareholder of the company and you will still receive dividend and your investment will still have value.BUT if bitcoin goes to 1 million tomorrow you will not only get all that value from the assets.But on top, you will get the bonus of the added crypto value.

Q8 from telegram username@Tino_the_Ninja

What's the focus of the Liti Capital now? Build and develop products, win customers and users or partnerships? Are there any plans to burn or block unsold Liti Capital tokens? control flexibility, cost and security?

bers86 | LitiCapital:

So right now our key focus is to make sure we grow our token holders.We expand the portfolio of cases and we fundraise to increase the portfolio further.

As an equity token,we dont burn tokens.We issue a token once a new investor comes in,so we make sure that the token creation is linked with a genuine investment and that is why the equity token is one of the safest form of crypto investment.Tokens aren't created out of thin air, they are created when an investors invest in us

Part 3 — Quiz Results

Q1. wLITI is the wrapped version of what type of token:(B)

A.a Security Token Equity Token

C.A Utility Token


Q2. How profitable is litigation finance?(B)

A. Very

B. between 30% to 50% of return on investment

C. between 10 and 15% of return on investment

D. all of the above.

Q3. According to Bloomberg, which of these has been the best performing investment?(B)

A. hedge fund

B. litigation funding

C. private equity

D. real estate

Q4. Where is Liti Capital incorporated?(C)

A. Singapore

B. Sweden

C. Switzerland

D. Swaziland

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