CryptoBooster X PokeMine AMA Recap on December 4th

Part 1—Introduction and Overview Question

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

🔥🔥Good day everyone, we are here for another massive AMA in Multi-Chain

Our AMA start now!!

Today we have the amazing GameFi project PokeMine with us

Are you ready!!!

An honour and a pleasure to have you here with us sir @Feb_moon @subarusato

Feb | PokeMine:

Hey @Paopao. We are as well delighted to be here in your amazing community. ☺️

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

I would like to start by asking you to introduce yourself and your role in the PokeMine and of course give us an overview of the game 💥💥

Feb | PokeMine:

I am the Community Manager of PokeMine, and it's a great pleasure to be part of an exciting project.

To give you an introduction about what PokeMine is all about, PokeMine is the first Gamefi product of the metaverse series incubated on the DEME platform, developed by Join Games studio Hanoi office. It is a turn-based card battle game based on the Pokémon world, in which players can train their own sprites (Pokémon) and change their appearance.

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

Massive endeavour sir!

Great to hear about you your inspiration and of course how you plan to realize it thanks to PokeMine 🔥🌪🙌

Let's move on, of course ewe have gathered a few questions for your asked by the members on Twitter.

Are you ready sir?

Feb | PokeMine:

I am very ready! 😉

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

Here's the first question! Q1. What's the features of the PokeMine that make it distinct from other GameFi projects? And can you elaborate more on the PokeMine NFT packages and their corresponding content? @Jimmyoy033

Feb | PokeMine:

Thank you for the wonderful question.

Diversified gameplay scenarios make PokeMine a much more fun GameFi projects. No matter in PvE scenarios or in the future PvPs, there’re lots of strategies and methods waiting for players to explore. Better strategies will bring player not only more fun, but also better investment return rates. Game quality wise, and tokenomics wise, PokeMine is definitely one of a kind in this market.

Regarding the NFT package, our NFT packages are for pre-sale only. Each package contains a corresponding colored PokeMon NFT which can be dispatched in the game to earn you tokens, and some PMDs which will be locked for 6 months. All packages have been sold out so it’s no longer available. But after the game is officially launched, players can purchase the PokeMine NFTs through NFT marketplaces.

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

Thank you sir, great answer

a very much incredible GameFi project indeed

Let's move to number 2

this one is also about mechanism of your game

Feb | PokeMine:

Sure. That would be fantastic.

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

Q2. What's the basic attributes of characters? Could you give us more explanation of characteristics such as strength scale and rarity? @AdorableOphelia1

Feb | PokeMine:

Before I will proceed answering the question, I am inviting all to download the game and experience the strong characters plus the thrilling battle journey of PokeMine.

📝 Register:

🤖 Android:

📲 iOS:

To proceed. Basically, there’re 4 different colored PokeMine NFTs, Reds are the most powerful ones, then Orange, then Purple, then Blue. More powerful Pokemons are definitely rarer. Besides, you can also upgrade your NFTs by playing PvEs or equip your Pokemons with equipments which can increase pokemon’s battle power, stamina, dispatch time, etc. PokeMine has lots of features to explore, and we will publish more detailed tutorials as we launch the official version.

Paopao | Cryptobooster:


I'm ready to have a package!!!

Massive info.. thank you for that 🔥🔥🔥

The next one is also concerned by many members

Q3. What is the economic system of PokeMine? How to participate in the revenue aggregator? Such as trading PokeMine $PMD on the exchange and creating Liquidity @macusnoow

Feb | PokeMine:

Firstly players need to purchase PMDs from either MDEX or ButterSwap(at the moment.

Will be available on more DEXs after PMD is deployed on BSC), then you need to either purchase Pokemon NFTs from a marketplace, or use your PMDs to draw Pokemon NFTs from the Pokemon center in the game. By finishing some easy tasks in PvE, you can get 3 free pokemons.

But you will need at least 4 Pokemons to form up a dispatch crew, which is the main scenario you can earn PMDs.

Purchase link and PMD contract address:



Then enter the PMD contract address:


Besides, when your Pikachu reaches level 26, you will be able to play the Explore tasks. Where you can earn extra PMDs, Dispatch time lengths, Staminas, and equipments after beating your enemies.

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

🌈We would like to see how much you value the conmmunity!!🙌🏻

Q4. How important is the community to Your project? and How can we collaborate or help share token for the development of the project? @iamtheBOSS096

Feb | PokeMine:

Incredibly important! I would say the most important. Supports from our community are the main motivation of starting and running PokeMine. Irregularly, tokens and NFTs will be awarded to the community members who contribute the most. Contributions such as contents creation, player invitation, community management & activation, establishments of third-party collaborations, etc. will definitely be awarded with corresponding PMDs and NFTs. We encourage community members to become part of the project, not just a player.

Such as the current activity:Inviting friends on PokeMine Discord

Click to know how:

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

We understand the community is a significant part of every project!!

You guys would definitely success with that.. we will follow closely.. 🚀🚀🚀

Here comes our last twitter question

Q5. Can you share with us the future development plan of your project from a global perspective? @kayceei05

Feb | PokeMine:

Sure. ☺️ We planned 5 major, and 12 minor updates for the next 12 months. Multi-language supports, new mainnet deployment, national-level agency marketing authorities, more DEXs, CEXs, more wallets support, more marketplaces… we will enable users around the globe have easy access to the game, and collaborate with regional communities to introduce PokeMine to more player.

If you are interested to become a regional marketing ambassador of PokeMine, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Feel free to contact us anytime through our official community or Twitter.

PokeMine Official Twitter:

PokeMine Official Telegram:

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

Great sir.. this is exactly what we wanted to hear from you 🙌🙌

Now this closes this section

and here we have some juicy live questions for our guest today!!

let me introduce you @subarusato

Subaru Sato | PokeMine:

Hi everyone

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

Now let's open for live question

Part 2— Live Question from Telegram Community

Q1: Do you have Whitepaper if yes, please share it with as secondly do you have plans for pre-sale? Now where can we Join it? @TOMEKATEROST1233

Subaru Sato | PokeMine:

Yes we do have a deck. Please join our telegram community and check the pinned messages. And regarding pre-sale, it's already done. But the game has not officially launched yet, still at its very early stage. So get some PMDs now when it's still cheap and be ready for the launch.

you can get PMDs here

Q2: Almost 80% investors have just focused on price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term? @Whittle2000

Subaru Sato | PokeMine:

Well, I would say our tokenomics of PokeMine is definitely one of a kind. It's healthy and long-lasting. The token generation in the game is based on an innovative algorithm. We will try our best to make everyone a winner.

Q3:Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will brings non-crypto user and real-use case?@Eloislandis

Subaru Sato | PokeMine:

This is a great question. Join games is a very experienced player in the mobile game industry. We have lots of game distribution resources and channels, and have hundreds of millions of existing users in our other games. 95% of them are non-crypto users.

Q4: Unfortunately, there are many scammers in the market. Have you audited your smart contracts? Can you share your reports with us? Why should we trust your platform? @KatherineLangford90

Subaru Sato | PokeMine:

Yes our contracts are all audited. You will find the report in our community.

Q5: Where can I buy your tokens now. What are your current contracts, and how can I buy them and what are the benefits??? @nobitasato

Subaru Sato | PokeMine: and benefits? The only thing I need to say is that it's very early stage, and the price is not really high comparing with the pre-sale price. And the initial circulating MCap is less than 1 Million USD. Rest, just use your imagination😉

I think this is it

Thank you everyone

Thank you the Booster community

Paopao | Cryptobooster:

🔥🔥Thank you sir!! that's was a big effort..

Thank you for leaving us all the relevant information and links about the game🎮

this is amazing🚀🙌🏻

now let's move o to the quiz part!!!

Part 3 — A quiz about Era7

1.What 4 kinds of colors for PokeMine NFTs do PokeMine own.,green, purple, blue, orange,purple, blue,gold, purple ,blue,black, orange, purple

2.How many PokeMine Diamonds(PMD)will be dedicated for in-game incentives?

A.65% of one billion of the total supply

B.68% of one billion of the total supply

C.75% of one billion of the total supply

D.79%of one billion of the total supply

3.Currently from which two platforms can users purchase PMD?

A.MDEX & PancakeSwap

B.MDEX& ButterSwap

C.ButterSwap & YFX

D.YFX & MyTrade

4. What other means can users get PokeMine NFTs and PMD rewards, in ther later stage,despite purchaseing PokeMine’s NFTs and PMD?

A.content creation and player invitation management & activation

C.establishments of third-party collaborations

D. A .B and C all satisfied

5.When will more DEX be launched,after what plan that PokeMine Diamond (PMD) blockchain winds up deploying?

A.Binance Smart Chain



D.OKEx Chain

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