CryptoBooster X UniArts Network AMA Recap on October 11th

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Part 1—Introduction and question from the Twitter retweet

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

Good day everyone we are here for another massive AMA!

We have the amazing Uniarts project with us today..

let's not lose any time and get straight into it

Good day everyone, and @Cuniarts an honour to have you here with us sir...

CC. | OpenLeverage:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about our NFT project UniArts!

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

Please tell us a bit about your role and the amazing UniArts project

CC. | OpenLeverage:

Hello everyone,Im Cherry,CMO of UniArts. Glad to be here for the AMA!

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

So we have a few questions to learn more about this great project..

Let's get into it.. 💥💥

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

1. What Is Uniarts and how does it work?

CC. | OpenLeverage:

UniArts is a decentralized incubation system for creators and art collectors. Uniart's is a blockchain network developed with Substrate which provides NFT infrastructure, community voting incentives, DAO curation, and art grants, with an end goal of the democratization of art.

UniArts builds a decentralized NFT gallery to not only feature established artists, but also to serve as a platform to exhibit and promote artwork that is loved by the community.

For creators: Create NFTs with your work and bind with curators (validator) nodes. For community appreciation: staking UARTs and voting for preferred NFTs. Both will be rewarded by UniArts’ token economy, with the most popular works will receive extra grants and support.

Powered by Substrate, UniArts’ NPoS mint portion of the block helps reward NFTs that bind with validators by their creators. NFT owners may choose to pin the NFT on their address to receive UARTs. Nominators vote for NFTs instead of nodes to gain staking rewards.

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

thanks.. Great explanation

Thank you sir, we know so much more about UniArts now..

Let's move to part 2 now..

Twitter questions..

Q1. UniArts is a decentralized incubation system for creators and art collectors, plagiarism of original artworks are the most problems in art world. So how Uniarts protect the creativity of artists? Will there be copyright laws or image recognition algorithms?@ghofuralinse

CC. | OpenLeverage:

We have Specialist to review artworks, users can also report plagiarism we will handle the verification of the platform side, and in the future will also be through the index library image identification and comparison, to achieve artist copyright protection.

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

Thank you...

Number Q2. The democratization of art in the crypto space is almost non-existent. NFT platforms focus on empowering already renowned artists to improve marketing and therefore the use and price of that ecosystem. So is UniArts embracing the democratization of art?@LukasDuong1

CC. | OpenLeverage:

UniArts found that the best course for solving this issue and creating the best platform for NFT art is by essentially connecting the artists and art connoisseurs and letting democratization be the judge of it all. Here, both parties are incentivized to engage with one another, and the result is a profitable engagement in a decentralized environment.

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

Good answer sir..

Now let's get one more..

Q3. You said that you launched the "Vote for the best crypto art" activity with UniArts Network, and that Crypto Art Panda will also include innovative ideas such as the creation of Panda-themed artwork, will these innovative ideas get them out of the community or from artists?@DngGiaPhong2

CC. | OpenLeverage:

Yes, we get a lot of our innovative ideas and suggestions from the community and artists.

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

Coinncide and precise sir, we love it..

Thank you much..

Q4. One of the things that attracted me to your project is the project you mentioned the phrase: ''Substrate''. So how is Substrate here understood and the role of Substrate in the UniartsNetworkn ecosystem?@anhquang1905

CC. | OpenLeverage:

Substrate is a modular framework that enables developers to create purpose-built blockchains by composing custom or pre-built components. UniArts' network is developed with Substrate, like other famous projects in the ecosystem such as Polkadot, Acala, Crust, PHA, or Darwinia.

UniArts' major functions are achieved by NPoS voting and on-chain governance which is aided by Substrate's development. It also pairs nicely with other facilities which were developed with Substrate, such as Crust, which handles decentralized content storage, a must-have for NFT connoisseurs.

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

Thanks sir, we know we will see more and more projects building on Substrate.. and your is a great one for sure 💥💥

Number 5, last twitter question...

Q5. UniArts has community voting incentives, DAO curation and art grants, with the ultimate goal of democratizing art. But what incentives do they provide to their users to participate in project decisions? To what extent can users change the course of UniArts?@blackrose11221

CC. | OpenLeverage:

Because there is a compensation for their lost of liquidity, they will be reward some tokens for their staking and votes. If the art work is sold after the vote, they will be reward extra tokens, the higher the price, the more token will be rewarded. So everyone will be carefully choose the artworks that they believe would sold well.

Marz Car | Cryptobooster:

Thank you @Cuniarts great replies..

But the best is yet to come..

Now we have as usual live questions..

Open chat 100 sec and let's see if you guys are warm enough today..

as before 30 UART tokens per selected questions..

Let's go..

Part2—Live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram username @Rajni_kapr

What is the progress of business development and what are some of your commercial partnerships?

CC. | OpenLeverage:

Yes. UniArts currently has 14 partners including Crust Network for NFT data storage, and Darwinia Network for cross-chain solutions. We are in the process of connecting with Artsy and Processing, market leaders in online galleries and visual art languages respectively. There will be even more awaiting confirmation and announcement; stay tuned!

Q2 from Telegram username @BenSTOCK

Do you have a community for non english speakers and are you a global project or not? any Ambassador program plans available for different countries?Do you have a community for non english speakers and are you a global project or not? any Ambassador program plans available for different countries?

CC. | OpenLeverage:

We are tring to do Spanish community!Please follow our social media platform for the latest newsWebsite:




Q3 from Telegram username @SShadowo

There are some people still don't know anything about crypto so do you have any thinking for getting them into your project?

CC. | OpenLeverage:

We will try to do some marketing to make more people understand the value of crypto art

Q4 from Telegram username @Fatema110

Noncrypto investors and who are newbie can invest on your platform or not?

CC. | OpenLeverage:

Yes, They can..

Q5 from Telegram username @loalz11z

What are the rules to follow in uniart with the npos protocol?

CC. | OpenLeverage:

NPoS stands for Nominated Proof-of-Stake, which has been adopted from both Polkadot and Substrate. In the simplest of terms, it's people staking their tokens to vote for network nodes in order to receive block rewards. The selected nodes are responsible for ensuring the stability of the network, and receive rewards for doing so, along with the token holders that voted for them.Four plus one rules in UniArts’ NPOS.