NFT Star X NFracTion AMA Recap on July 31st

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Twitter retweet

Car Marz| NFT Star:

Good Day everyone. ope we are all nice and warmed up to start our AMA with the AMAzing NFracTion project.

Today we will have the opportunity to learn more about this amazing upcoming project.

Let’s get it going them.

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

Greetings guys, let’s rock and roll.

Car Marz| NFT Star:

How are you today, ready for it.

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

Feeling great!

Car Marz| NFT Star:

A pleasure to have you here @alenscorpio, @ElioNFracTion. Now there’s a lot of people with questions for NFracTion , Can you please give us an introduction about yourselves and the project ?

Easy question to warm up guy.

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

First of all, I would like to thank you for your attendance. My name is Elio and I’m the CEO of the NFracTion project. My primary background comes from professional sports, I am a master of two martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, which I also actively teach, and I am also bachelor of strength and conditioning. I’ve been heavily involved in sports for about twenty years, I have been involved in numerous successful international projects, but in the past four years I’m extremely enthusiastic about crypto currency’s and crypto market overall.

Apart from me, our co-founder Alen Dolsak is the owner of marketing & development agency for 8 years now and the core team is now 100% devoted to the project of NFracTion. Agency basically supported start-up projects in traditional market with business development, marketing strategies, designs, software development, launch support etc.

NFracTion is a unique NFT Fractionalizer, that fractionalizes digital arts into puzzle pieces, which provide additional value for collectors and guarantee multiple revenue streams.The main goal of NFracTion is to create a friendly UI/UX for the marketplace, that is easy to use and manage for any user.

NFracTion delivers a superb cross -chain marketplace for the crypto community, with main network BSC at the launch, after that adopting Solana, KuCoinChain and Polygon as well. Modernly designed with extra care for best user experience, which makes collecting puzzle pieces fun and provides higher revenues than standard single-piece art trading/collecting.

Car Marz| NFT Star:

Massive thank you, we couldn’t have started better.

So let’s move to our 1st part, we collected 5 Twitter questions.

Q1.What is the advantage of NFracTion that makes it expected to rise above other platforms? In order for NFracTion to receive more attention and acceptance from users, what is your plan for Marketing and promoting to more people? @danielwat12

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

Great question, guys. Honestly at the start the project was meant to be an advanced NFT marketplace alone, and during the process of idea brainstorming we noticed that there are many similar projects preparing for the launch. For this reason we started to think outside of the box to offer something completely unique to the market. By far the best feature were the puzzles and that is where the fractionalized term was born. From that point on the NFracTion universe keeps expanding and till today we didn`t came across to similar concept.

NFracTion is long-term oriented as it can get, that is the reason why we are mainly focusing on Sports fans community/partnerships at first. We want to engage our unique and gamified NFT features into this sector to get some extra exposure and to secure early business growth/revenues.

On the other hand we see the opportunity in creating healthy eco-system with high-end artists and attracting “true collectors”. We want to add value to the products itself, not only boost sales as many major player in marketplace sector does. To achieve that we are preparing supportive environment (mobile app, landing pages, extra exposure for active users, reward/loyalty program, buybacks etc.)

We learned well from 8 years of experience in the traditional market and our team is always flexible in the best way possible and that is something that will never change. In that aspect we always want to involve our community and market feedback for future upgrades.

Recently we pledged many deals with the KOLs and many influencers, who will help us expend our community and carrying a good word about our project into the crypto universe, so that’s another part of the strategy.

NFracTion`s main focus is to onboard many superstars from sports and major sports organizations, which we are already in talks to find a best way of successful long term partnerships.

Car Marz| NFT Star:

Great reply, thank you we can see you do a lot of sport as you are very fast. Even in typing.

Q2. $NFTA announced that they will do a presale. Can you explain the details of the $NFTA presale? What are the advantages for NFTA presale investors? And what do you do if there are unsold tokens? @AdcDavidtai1999

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

NFracTion just went public lately and we are now at the earliest stage of presales, so basically no round is closed yet. We managed to fill around 50% of Seed round and around 40% of Private sale at the moment, which is pretty amazing due to previous market conditions. Even though there is still much left and we are looking forward to welcome new backers onboard soon, since market if much friendlier now.

Token will be listed on Pancake Swap after the IDO launch, but we left some options to join early too. You can find online form ( for early interests and we basically review each one individually — if we see enough value in it we can confirm higher allocation size and accordingly lower if backer isn`t contributing to the project well. It`s working perfectly thus far and will continue on keeping balance this way for now.

Below I`m sharing tokenomics details with all the information about it…

Car Marz| NFT Star:

Thanks , and Incredible that you are filling so fast even in this dreadful market.

It shows that investor value your proposition.. Great stuff really.

Q3. Partners and relationships with many other project platforms are an integral part of the development process of a project, so who is NFracTion currently partnering with? How do you guys plan to expand partnerships in the near future? @khanhvy16378123

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

To breakdown the question into segments, first, Exnetwork Capital is our main partner — incubator, advisor and our first investor — all in one. But we didn’t stop there, actually that was our pin point to open the doors on so many levels. We are actively looking for partnerships on different areas such as:


At this sector we are basically focused on early presale rounds and we`ve already allocated some VCs, influencers and communities to support us on marketing and exposure field. Recent market conditions weren’t doing us a favour, but still we manage to settle some deals and we have many strong interests out there in negotiations talks. We are convinced about announcing many major partnerships in next days.

2.Sponsor partnerships

We are mainly focused on the sports area at first and we recently released our first major partnership with MMA ON — people behind it are very well known in MMA world and running many major organizations, such as WFC, Brave etc.. We are also in deep talks with different major sports associations and athleted around the globe, but we cannot name them publicly until it`s official. Let me just say that most of them are from Soccer/Footbal, Basketball, MMA and Racing sports, also our incubator is very much involved in Gaming industry and that is our second stage plan …

3.Strategic partnerships

We`ve made several minor deals in the marketing sector right now and the launchpads are settled, which was the priority at the earliest stage. Right now we are focused on fundraising and pre-IDO activities, but we are getting many propositions during the process. NFracTion will definitely take some options for strategic partnerships after the launch, especially on security, cross-chain technical solutions and liquidity sectors. We are also in some introduction talks for CEX listing in the future, so we are discussing it, but it`s too early in our stage to disclose anything.

Car Marz| NFT Star:

Wow, thanks a lot for that.. We can see you have already attracted big backers there.. and you have clearly advanced on massive partnerships.

Q4.In terms that will be understandable to a non-tech savvy user, can you explain the concept of NFT Fractionalisation? Also, what would you consider to be the benchmark for success of the NFracTion project? @huyenan1999

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

NFracTion’s main characteristic concept is the unique NFT Fractionalizer, that fractionalizes digital arts into puzzle pieces, which provide additional value for collectors and guarantee multiple revenue streams. The puzzle piece is divided into 32 pieces, which can be acquired later on through randomly generated puzzle packs. Later on we will allow custom settings, but we would like to test the market first and then adjust accordingly to the community feedbacks.

So, our biggest benchmark for success has to be the NFT Puzzle Packs (randomly generatic puzzle pieces of NFT arts, that can be used to complete collections or win “whole NFT art” and can be tradeable on marketplace). Also to introduce what we in offer, the Personalized NFT`s (for now we are focused on Sports fans and personalized jerseys of users favourite teams, but there are many upgrades to come on this feature) and NFT Raffles (high quality NFTs will be offered as a lottery pick, where anyone can buy a slot and when it`s filled we randomly draw a winner/owner).

As for the manner of Puzzle packs, they can be sold or traded, because the fate of the packs is in the user’s hands. Afterwards, when the user acquires/collects all 32 pieces of particular NFT, a new “whole” NFT is minted for the collector, therefore, creating the opportunity for no “multiple ownerships”. If there is a chance of multiple ownerships, then the user can make an individual deal with another user, to close out a deal on the terms they desire.

Car Marz| NFT Star:

Nice stuff, very interesting concept indeed.. thanks for this super interesting info..

Last but of course not least at all Twitter question…

Q5. Looking at your Market Place, how do you protect User’s personalized NFT Copyrights ? How do you plan on handling Copyright issues in NFracTion Marketplace? Do you have any staking pool to earn NFT? @cryptotrung

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

We are taking all standard measures to protect users and artists in that matter. Currently we are focused on our special collections and all the Arts that are presented within NFracTion`s unique NFT features. All artist that will participate will be manually verified and we are using many tools to prevent any fraud or other policy violations.

We are very focused on security as well and soon we are announcing new partnership on the storage & security topic. There are Staking programs in preparation and will be released soon after the launch, details are not disclosed yet, but I can tell there will be NFT related drops to it. Just trying to decide for the best option for our community before releasing any more details on it.

Car Marz| NFT Star:

Thanks a lot for these great replies to some interesting and complex questions..We have learnt much more about NFracTion and it is really cool stuff.

Now let’s move to the next part of our AMA. one that is very dear to us. Live questions.

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from telegram username @Yawn2021

What are the steps to become a part of your community, and start getting revenues? Where do we buy, where do we sign up? This looks like an amazing project!

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

Our revenue model is luckily generating funds from the day one of our launch and this way we feel very secure about liquidity. Two obvious and main resources are fees on marketplace trading and other is selling Puzzle packs with randomly generated puzzle pieces. We will also be minting our own NFTs (for example personalized NFTs) which can contribute a lot and many other minor revenue options that aren`t that relevant at this point.

Q2 from telegram username @KanecaAndrew

I realized that users doesn’t affront any risk, the only get rewarded if they get profit, but can you tell us what are the incentives/benefits that you offer the creators of the trading strategies?

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

One of the key reasons for artists to join and benefit, are higher revenues, due to special puzzle pieces concept. This unique system enables more than 35x higher revenues plus additional transaction of the pieces trading. In comparison to traditional one piece art sell it can generate much higher revenues for the artists. In addition to that artists keep ownership privileges as in other market places, we only collect a fee. On top of that we do not offer only fractionalized arts but our marketplace will support all sorts of NFTs and it will be free to use. NFracTions strategic approach also provides special rewards and benefits for the most successful and best rated artists. Each creator will also get to take advantage of personal landing page for presenation to the buyers, we are also establishing ambassador programs, reward programs for the most loyal community etc.

Q3 from telegram username @Highlandcoffee

Currently, where is the market you are focusing on, are there any plans for future global expansion of NFracTion? Can you share with us information about your presale rounds are open?

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

NFracTion just went public lately and we are now at the earliest stage of presales, so basically no round is closed yet.

We managed to fill around 50% of presale rounds since we are active in that matter, which is pretty amazing due to market conditions. Even though there is still much left and we would be happy to welcome new backers onboard.

Token will be listed on Pancake Swap after the IDO launch, but we left the option to join early too. You can find online form ( for early interests and we basically review each one individually — if we see enough value in it we can confirm higher allocation size and accordingly lower if backer isn`t contributing to the project well. It`s working perfectly thus far and will continue on keeping balance this way for now.

You can also reach directly to our team in our official channel and we will help you on that matter

Below I`m sharing tokenomics details with all information about it…

Q4 from telegram username @Deleted Account

Covid-19 has a bad impact in almost every sector. So, as a crypto projects how did it affect you? How you and your team have done the work in the pandemic?

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

In that matter, COVID 19 was the game changer for us actually, because in normal market, we wouldn’t be here today with NFracTion project. Saying that, we had many traditional market start-ups ongoing and planned for third parties, but everything slowed down over the night and many of them were delay — that was the trigger for our team to finally take time for personal project. After some research we decided to develop one of our idea into the crypto project. After onboarding some advisors with many experience we quickly saw that our team is perfect for the job. This way our core team of 4 people dedicated 100% to NFracTion and today there are 13 people working on the project. We still feel bad about all what is going on around the Covid-19 though and hopefully things will get better soon and wouldn`t leave too much consequences for humanity in general. Let’s stay positive and we can happily say that we are not only achieving road map targets but we are actually exceeding them. We are proud that our team is so flexible and can adapt to any situation on a regular basis.

Q5 from telegram username @binzhi248

Can you explain us about tokenomics, how that 0.5% will be used for community incentives? Will NFracTion be doing airdrops, raffles etc among their users?

Elio Artič| NFracTion:

NFracTion is very active on promotional activities lately and we`ve just warmed up

Part 3 — Quiz Results

Q1.When is NFracTion going to do IDO launch with a functional product?©

A) Q4 2021 B) Next week C) Late August 2021

Q2.NFracTion lately announced their first major partnership, who it was?(B)


Q3.On which network is NFracTion launching it`s IDO and what network is next in line?©

A) BSC / Polygon B) Solana / Polygon C) BSC / Solana

Q4.Which NFT sectors are the main target for NFracTion at this point?(A)

A) Sports / Music / Arts B) Arts / Gaming / Domains C) Gaming / Sports / Arts

Q5. What are approx. Twitter and Telegram community numbers at this early stage of NFracTion?(B)

A) Twitter profile — 8k followers, Telegram official channel- 3k members B) Twitter profile — 15k followers, Telegram official channel — 6k members C) Twitter profile — 19,5k followers, Telegram official channel — 9,3k members

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