NFT Star X NFTbomb AMA Recap on October 17

Part1 Introduction

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

Welcome Jessie to our AMA.

Now there's a lot of people who are interested in NFTBomb, can you please briefly introduce NFTBomb first?

NFTbomb | Jessie:

Okay. Let’s start!

NFTBomb is the world's first NFT protocol ecological project, with a distinctive "technology + finance" color, is dedicated to creating a new paradigm of NFT finance.

It not only contains the transaction ecology of the NFT market, but also carries the rich NFT protocol ecology.

The bazaar module connects the Metaverse and the real world, and provides a virtual and real interactive channel for data assetization.

The protocol ecology solves the problem of NFT liquidity and promotes the open and inclusive development of virtual world finance.

From the perspective of transaction costs, NFTBomb can help high-quality NFT agreements quickly reach more valuable NFT assets, and serve more NFT users with low-cost, efficient, inclusive and open transaction methods.

NFTBomb provides users with a one-stop NFT DeFi experience, with diverse gameplay and higher revenue!

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

Thanks for the intro!

Now let's move on to the second question: what was the reason for the founding team to create NFTBomb at the beginning?

NFTbomb | Jessie:

As the future trend of DEFI development, NFT will develop many landing applications based on NFT, such as Gamefi, SocialFi, etc.

But due to NFT’s poor liquidity, it becomes a common problem of many NFT platforms.

The purpose of the NFTBomb protocol ecology is to fragment NFT, create more NFT gameplays, and drive the high liquidity system of NFT out of the circle.

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

Impressive answer!

Also, I saw a platform under NFTbomb called Kibomb, what is Kibomb?

NFTbomb | Jessie:

Kibomb is a market project of NFT.

It is a platform and trading ecology connecting users and NFT assets, including NFT primary market, NFT secondary market and NFT derivatives market.

With it, users can purchase first-hand NFT assets of well-known IPs, and realize the secondary market circulation and monetization of NFT assets.

Also, users can enjoy richer gameplay and obtain higher returns via the project's unique NFT protocol ecology.

For example, the BOOM agreement that will be launched by NFTBomb and Kibomb in October.The BOOM protocol is an open API protocol, which can be used to initiate a BOOM prize pool by the project party.

Everyone can use two NFTs to collide on the chain and win the prize.

The collision rules are open and fair, the data chain is transparent, and the winning feedback is instantly obtained.

Each NFT combination has only one chance of collision.

Therefore, as the number of community collisions increases, the remaining collision opportunities decrease, and the probability of winning will increase exponentially.

After the smart contract time expires, all users participating in the collision will receive an airdrop incentive from the remaining prize pool.

The more NFTs you hold, the more collisions and the more airdrop shares you will get.

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

Wow, Kibomb is a very interesting section of your project!

The next question for you is: what are the advantages of NFTBomb compared with other NFT platforms?

NFTbomb | Jessie:

NFTBomb has established a unique protocol ecology.

The NFT protocol ecosystem we have established is characterized by disruptive innovation, so there is no direct competitor.

Also, NFT adopts a building block combination of multiple interactions between the protocol layer and the transaction layer to bring users and investors a more personalized investment experience.

NFTBomb not only owns the primary and secondary markets of NFT assets on other NFT platforms, but also has more diverse gameplays for the protocol ecology.

Just like the BOOM agreement mentioned earlier, the agreement empowers NFTs in the primary market and the secondary market.

It not only solves the liquidity problem of NFT assets, but also greatly enriches the NFT ecosystem and expands the convenience of the NFT field, so that to make technology has more and deeper landings.

In addition, NFTBmob cleverly integrates the market transaction ecology and the protocol ecology to create a new ecology and gameplay with more diversified characteristics.

And we have created a spiral and progressive ecological cycle of crowd shooting, crowd coloring, and living beings.

The ecological value between different cycles can be inherited in an orderly manner, which will reduce the transaction cost caused by trust control, thereby enhancing data assets liquidity and value display.

Therefore, the composability and inheritability of this agreement leaves more imagination room for richer financial services design in the future.

We believe that FT's DeFi has activated the bull market in 2021, and the agreement of NFT will most likely become the tipping point of the next bull market.

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

Great! So do you have any plan for the next stage?

NFTbomb | Jessie:

In mid-October, we have jointly airdropped Rare_Ki of our platform attributes with our partner platforms; Rare_Ki is the threshold to enter our platform, which means that without Rare_Ki you cannot participate in any activities on our platform.

The activity is still ongoing, welcome to join.

Users who hold Rare_Ki will be eligible to purchase the world's first limited NFT blind box released by a well-known football star.

We will also release a low-price blind box sales event in late October. The price will be so low that you can't imagine, and it may not be as expensive as a chicken leg. But the blind box will have a big prize. The specific rules will be released later, stay patient.

At the end of October, our BOOM agreement will be open to friends who hold Rare_Ki, and the official will open a huge prize pool!

Finally, the project will gradually open more star NFT blind boxes and richer protocol gameplays.

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

Thank you for this, great to know your future plans!

Part2 The questions from the Twitter retweet

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

Now Let’s go to the Twitter Questions! We have 5 twitter questions for you.

1. What requirements for users if issuing airdrops? @choloma70

NFTbomb | Jessie:

We are an open platform, and our airdrop activities are also the result of community voting. Everyone is very satisfied with the benefits of NFTBomb's official early users and followers. Our event is open to everyone, you can join now to receive the NFT airdrop.

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

2. The BOOM protocol mentioned earlier is very interesting. Can you introduce it? @AbT07o

NFTbomb | Jessie:

The BOOM agreement will be launched at the end of October, and it will revolutionize NFT liquidity.

The NFT series of works will be as the keys (numbers) for the lottery, and assigns different number combinations in the contract to become the winning number string.

The user constantly changes different keys (NFT) in the secondary market to collide (verify the lottery combinations), the random collision contract sets a non-repeatable mechanism of numbers, which makes the entire collision process become more and more exciting in each lottery cycle (the probability of lottery gradually increases, until 100% of the lottery is won), so that to constantly stimulate and enhance users' enthusiasm for participating in rotating NFTs and trying to draw prizes.

In this way, the liquidity of NFT is improved and the NFT market is richer in gameplay.

While the BOOM protocol is constantly improving, it will introduce new gameplay and establish a reliable mathematical model, so that more participating users can not only enjoy the thrill of the lottery, but also be profitable!

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

3. What rights does the NFT officially issued by the NFTBomb platform have? @ErnestA63420320

NFTbomb | Jessie:

Rare_Ki is the first batch of officially issued NFT and holders will enjoy the following four rights.

1. The qualification to claim NFT airdrops.

2. The qualification to purchase the limited blind box.

3. The qualification to purchase some official joint NFT.

4. The qualification to participate in the BOOM agreement.

NFT Star | Cassidy L:

4. Will the first batch of blind boxes be sold at a high price? @Bengal_777